What have you learn't from working with children i.e confidentiality?

Answer hola. (=

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Have you ever learnt anything from any movie?

Bollywood movies: I've learned the demerits of being the average Bollywood actress through 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Heroine'. I didn't really like the latter though. And I've also learned about the... Read More »

What Are The 5 Most Important Things You Have Learnt...?

- You have to actually TELL them not to draw with crayon on the wall, otherwise you dont get to punish them. Turns out they don't automatically know this. Nothing makes for a more attractive colo... Read More »

What was the first programming language that you learnt?

If you consider HTML a programming language, then its it. Others consider it scripting though. Here's the order that I learned them though:HTML (if to be considered)PASCAL (turbo pascal)C/C++PHP & ... Read More »

What can i dressup as while working with children?

you can dress up as a favorite book CREATURE you read to the kids