What have you learned about Oprah Winfrey that you can take for your own life?

Answer She was in A Night at the Oprah. Season 3.

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How far did Oprah Winfrey get in life?

Just like the many other folks, we wonder ?Thanks for your time,Barbara Walker_DuBeau

What does Oprah Winfrey do in her later life?

What have Oprah Winfrey done in her life?

Raised awareness of child abuse Started her own book club that encouraged more people to read Started the Oprah's Angel Network

How did Oprah Winfrey change life for others?

aww i wish you get what you want , really i do it is soo important to have a "memory" . Maybe if you stop being so high headed and start looking below your nose you'll get ur dream . god willing .a... Read More »