What have you eaten, that you would never eat again?

Answer Years ago, I ate black pudding, believing it to be meat of some kind.................... I discovered it's made from pig's blood and fat. Filth.

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Is there any food that you have never eaten but would love to try?

A really good Petrussian caviar. I have had geoduck (live in LA), octopus, truffles both black and white from Italian market, durian (married to Indian doctor), crawfish in New Orleans and currentl... Read More »

Has anyone eaten something that should never be eaten?

I had frogs legs once. hmmmm.. to be honest they were kinda oily and tough. Wouldn't have them again. Hey don't you think its strange how everything weird tastes like chicken LOLedit: Just th... Read More »

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and would you ever eat it again?

I can't top poster #1 for weirdest food. Balut is on my very short list of foods that I just can't bring myself to try (btw, it's a fertilized duck egg - when you crack it open, instead of yolk, t... Read More »

Is there a movie that you have watched, and you will never watch it again?

Dancer In The Dark. To me the movie is a work of art with stunning performances and is a unique movie that is very fascinating. I'd give it a 10/10 and I'd recommend it to anyone, but the reason I ... Read More »