What have you been surprised to find looking in Google Earth?

Answer I was a bit surprised to see that even after almost a year, Google still have my previous car outside my

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i downloaded google earth and i cant find the "fly to" box, on, WHERE IS THE FLY TO BOX?

It's suppose to be on the left side of the page.

How do i find area 51 on google earth?

Finding Area 51 with Google EarthClick the "Fly to" tab to activate it. Type "Area 51" in the search box. Click the microscope icon to the right of the search box. The area you will see is Area 51,... Read More »

Has anyone used Google Earth to find their house ?

How to Find Your House on Google Earth?

Space. The final frontier. That's where you start, anyway, when you launch Google Earth. You can see the whole world shining in the night sky. You see the topography of the continents and the ocean... Read More »