What have special need learners benefited from these trends?

Answer NO

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What is xvid video format and do i need a special dvd player to play these?

xvid is a video codec which use mpeg-4 algorithm to encode video data, and most case use .avi as file extension name. You need a special Xvid Certified DVD player to play xvid video format, and if ... Read More »

What is the history of Maori learners with special needs?

Methadone can not be used in abortion and the effects in a pregnancy are (from FDA pregnancy category C. This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. It could also cause addiction ... Read More »

Do you have to use special mortar for these new type Bran Muffin building blocks?

sure it's just bran muffin batter, available at your local aunties kitchen!(O excuse me - I didn't notice you were a local auntie - HEY you could have yourself a lucritive racket here!)

What special abilities do a diplomat need to have?

Well you should get along with him. Sit down with him a talk seriously to him and tell him what you fell for his sister. If you have a better relationship with one of your parents tell them to help... Read More »