What have i done to my arm?

Answer sounds like you have badly bruised it Hun, swelling can cause pins an needles, keep your arm up at chest level, across your chest, don't lift anything heavy an get checked out by the doc tomorrow xx

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I have placed my child up for adoption, what have I done wrong?

I know what you are going thru your doctor can help you alot of parents go thru it it is depresion and it can be helped i was the same with my son so i called the doctor they got me on some pills h... Read More »

What kind of dental procedure have you done to have a nice smile & beautifull teeth.?

What is the average cost of having 3 wisdom teeth pulled if you have to be put to sleep to have it done?

Answer Out of personal experience it cost me about $2000. Cost of Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: I would say it is probably about 2000 dollars. Or more ... Read More »

I have been smoking cannabis almost daily for around 10 years.What damage have I done to myself?

I believe u may have bought a one way ticket to shrivelled testicles-ville!In all seriousness, different websites will tell u different things but the general concensus is that it affects sperm cou... Read More »