What have been your funniest childhood incidents?

Answer I actually have two. Both around the same time when I was about 13. I don't know if these are more funny or embarrassing. The first one happened right around my 13th birthday. I was living in R... Read More »

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If you have liquor liability in North Carolina what are ways to lower your premiums if you have had 3 incidents and what is a good food to alcohol ratio?

Answer Start Safty program and have written documentation saft manual. Companies like to see 30% or less for Liq. sales.

Funniest questions you have been asked ask a vegan/vegetarian?

for me, do you eat fish, its not a funny q, but it is perplexing,im a vege, so, no, i dotn eat fish,the fact that its even an option to ask a vegetarian confuses meim not a pescetarian, if i was, i... Read More »

Which has been your funniest experience with meat-eaters regarding your vegetarianism?

While out camping with friends and their hyper a_s dog, who was a very cool little dog. They had steaks for all the people there but only dried generic dog food for hyperdog. So I lodge a verbal co... Read More »

The worst excuses you have been given for train delays and funniest announcments?

Actually, this was just last month on the #2 ACE (Altamont Commuter Express) when we came to a stop about 4 miles outside the Lathrop/Manteca station:"Ummmm... We're experiencing a delay. Dispatch ... Read More »