What have I done to my wrist?

Answer Owch I think its broken to be honest get it elevated so it docent swell to much as when you have x-rays fluid can make a break harder to find . Are you finger tips cold ? And you need to get you're... Read More »

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Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?

Since we are not X-Ray machines we probably couldn't tell you for sure.You should probably go to the hospital within 24 hours because after that it can start to heal and they may have to rebreak it.

How much does it normally cost to get rosaries done on your wrist?

Nobody on here can really answer that, It varies by the shop, and Most shops have a shop minimum, say like $50, than if goes up from there. The only sure way to find out is to shop around, go into... Read More »

I have placed my child up for adoption, what have I done wrong?

I know what you are going thru your doctor can help you alot of parents go thru it it is depresion and it can be helped i was the same with my son so i called the doctor they got me on some pills h... Read More »

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