What have I done Help?

Answer If you don't need to work outside the home, and you have the space, you could try taking up a hobby like raising goats, sheep, or miniature ponies. Having a medical background is often very helpfu... Read More »

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What have computers done to help people?

The development of computers has had beneficial effects on people of all ages. Even as computers continue to improve and progress, people find increased uses for them.CommunicationComputers have gi... Read More »

What could i have done to my knee Please help!?

Well you said you banged it on the motor or whatever in the front of the bike so odds are you probably just bruised it. Not all bruises are visible and you can possibly have like a deep tissue or a... Read More »

Help me Please i have flu:( i have to be done with This until tomorrow?

It's not that hard, seeing your on the Internet now, just YouTube the song

Need some help with an Entity Relation Diagram. I have most of it done but have 2 questions about it.?

How do you ensure, in your diagram, that there is exactly one and only one employee assigned to manage an office? Normally, it's not a good idea to encode a control field (your 'd' item under EMPLO... Read More »