What has to happen in someone's life in order for them to dedicate their time to trolling?

Answer Boredom would be my guess and no respect for other people.Dune

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What would happen if i broke someones leg?

It would depend on whether your response was reasonable. The fact that this person was already down on the floor when you broke their leg doesn't look good unless they were such a threat to you tha... Read More »

What would happen if you Urinated in someones anus?

I'm guessing there is more than one web site devoted entirely to this issue..but i aint gonna go look.Is it possible to urinate if you are hard enough to penetrate an anus/rectum, wtfe.

What would happen if I spiked someones drink with Viagra?

If this person is on heart medication, then you might kill him and go to jail for it.

How to Get the Most Run Time Out of Trolling Motor Batteries?

Run time and trolling motor batteries go hand in hand with any trolling motor. The batteries are the heart of any trolling motor application, and it goes without saying that the bigger the amperage... Read More »