What has happened to my pinky finger?

Answer Maybe you broke a bone or certainly may have sprained it. Have it checked out by your doctor.

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Straighten my pinky finger?

Yes! Tape it :) i was thinking that the entire time

Is my pinky finger broken?

If you can see a visible bump that's hard, I would get it x-rayed. If its not, then ice it and take medicine if it still hurts after a week get it checked out. You should put a splint on it and if ... Read More »

What is this sharp eletric shock like pain in my pinky and numbness in my ring finger?

I can't remember the medical term for the condition, but it is basically pinched nerves that would cause that kind of sensation. The nerves usually become pinched from repetitive motion or use and... Read More »

Numbness in tip of pinky and ring finger?

Numbness in your ring finger and little finger kinda suggests nerve involvement, usually the ulnar nerve. Let's review, when you fractured your tailbone, was it in a fall? Or was it in an accident?... Read More »