Where do flys go in the wintertime?

Answer Most die but some hibernate ! ! !

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How do i make flys go away?

Helloflies get attracted by smells of organic matter which they like to feed on and lay their eggs in.They can smell raw meet from a distance of 7km for example.To get rid of them keep your living ... Read More »

Shrubs to keep flys away?

Portuguese Sundew (Drosophyllum lusitanicum)can capture large flies.… Sweet Basil. Site with interesting discussion about using Basil, etc. to get rid of f... Read More »

How come modern locomotives dont have boxpok driving wheels or spoked wheels?

Boxpok wheels were invented primarily for use with steam locomotives, where there was a need to save weight: examples from 'this side of the pond' were O.V.S. Bullied's 4-6-2s, Q1 class 0-6-0s and ... Read More »

The Benefits of Aluminum Wheels Over Wire Spoke Wheels on a Motorcycle?

To novice motorcyclists, the choice between aluminum wheels and wire-spoke wheels may seem inconsequential. Experienced riders, however, will know the difference aluminum wheels make in both perfor... Read More »