What has been the buggiest online product or service you have ever used?

Answer Well, besides yahoo! answers and 360, their virus scan for one doesn't work, and two, it can crash your computer. Alot of the spyware scanners are viruses in and of themselves, like spybot, so I gu... Read More »

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Have you ever bought, or been given 2nd hand things for your child, that you used?

Hand-me-downs and charity shop stuff saved me a lot of money for my daughter.I was given lots of clothes and used the majority of it. The stuff I didn't use was either things that didn't suit my d... Read More »

Two talk show hosts Jay Leno and Chevy Chase have been pitchmen for what product?

If you had been born now, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

Mine would be Mia! Not bad, but I wouldn't use it...I'm not a fan of Top 10 names which mine was no. 10 the year I was born and I absolutely would not use any of the names on the top 10 list when n... Read More »

Has sugar ever been used to treat battlefield wounds?

THE USE OF SUGAR TO ENHANCE WOUND HEALING The use of antibiotics by the PHCP in the field has the inherent dangers of improper dosing and allergic reactions. The associated activities of preparing... Read More »