Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

Answer Can't I have them both. I mean Orlando Bloom appeals to the side of me that likes pretty guys, while Johnny Depp appeals to the bad boy side of me. I mean, it like that commercial says, sometimes y... Read More »

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Why do u think that Jhonny Depp and Orlando bloom are hot?

Jonny Depp has been HOT since 21 Jump Street & yes Orlando is hot too, but Jonny gets my vote everytime. IT's that dark mysterious thing about him that makes u want him more! And the fact that he'... Read More »

Does Orlando Bloom have Williams syndrome?

I'm gonna have to tell you NO i do not think so because one of the symptoms of Williams syndrome is an ear to ear smile (wide smile) and he does not have that

Does any one know where to find some hot orlando bloom pics?

You mean like pictures of flowering blossoms in Florida? They normally happen in the Spring, so its unlikely there will any exremely hot pictures unless its a late blossom and occurs on a scorching... Read More »

Who do u like better johnny depp or orlando bloom?

wow hard i like orlando because, well look at him he's gorgeous, and johnny because lol he's funny. its too hard