What harmful substance that can cross the placenta and harm the fetus?

Answer Harmful substances:- Alcohol- Cigarettes/nicotine- Drugs

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Why harmful substances cross the placenta?

Some substances are filtered but the reason some might get through is that the placenta is connected to your baby through you so in affect any harmful substances you have eg alcohol the baby will a... Read More »

What medications are harmful to the fetus?

Answer I am not an expert, but I remember throughout my three pregnancies being told that I may only take Tylenol products (even Tylenol cold or sinus products are okay). Any pharmacist would be m... Read More »

Is anemia harmful to the fetus?

On One Hand: It Will Not Harm the BabyIn a healthy, normal pregnancy, anemia will not harm your unborn child. The baby will draw from your iron reserves, even if you are low in iron. Your doctor ma... Read More »

Does birth control harm the fetus?

Answer Yes. if you are pregnante do not use birth contorl. Some say depo is a chemical abortion. and using other birth control while pregnante may cause unwanted birth defects.