What harmful substance that can cross the placenta and harm the fetus?

Answer Harmful substances:- Alcohol- Cigarettes/nicotine- Drugs

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Why harmful substances cross the placenta?

Some substances are filtered but the reason some might get through is that the placenta is connected to your baby through you so in affect any harmful substances you have eg alcohol the baby will a... Read More »

Is it true that radiation on airplanes could harm a fetus?

Answeras a flight attendant, we have the highest amount of miscarriages in any industry. my book on becoming pregnant tells 3 different times how hard it is to become pregnant while flying a lot in... Read More »

If you are taking birth control and become pregnant and don't know that you are will it harm the fetus?

Answer taking birth control if you may be or are pregnant can and will harm the baby. A friend of mine was pregnant and took a pack of birth control pills to terminate the pregnancy, and it worked.... Read More »

If a drinking glass cracks and you drink from it are there any chemicals that can harm the drinker or fetus?

Answer Very doubtful. Glass is a pretty inert material and if there are any additives they are usually for color and in very minute quantities. The biggest danger would be if you swallowed a pie... Read More »