What hard drive data rate is needed for HD video editing?

Answer The data rate depends on the format of the high-definition video. For example, the lowest compressed, 720-by-480, DV format requires a data rate of 25 Mbps. The highest uncompressed, 1920-by-1080,... Read More »

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Does storing digital data on a hard drive increase the overall weight of the hard drive?

there's no increase in weight at all the data that is stored is magnetic in some ways similar to an old cassette tape but on a disk so changing polarity of the magnetic medium on the disk doesn't i... Read More »

Video Editing Help Needed?

Try Video Studio Express for Mac -… - like After Effects it is a compositor and is free trial.

Partitioning hard disk with out loosing data in C drive(i.e, Os and other data) which has only one partition C?

I'm not entirely sure if home basic has the feature but if you go to Start, right click computer, manage then go to Disk Managment and right click on your C drive. It should show an option to "Shri... Read More »

What kind of computer is needed for video editing?

Editing video can be one of the most resource-heavy activities you do. When purchasing a new computer with the intent of editing video, it's important to know the minimum system requirements you wi... Read More »