What happens with to much toy use?

Answer As we all know children and adults have used toys such as play stations ds and dsi but are we knowing what happens to our brain? well here's the fact if you play with games to much your brain bulge... Read More »

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What happens of you eat to much protein?

== Answer == Proteins are required by our body to build up worn & torn muscles and for other building purposes infact it is almost annoying to know even our hair is a type of protein .intake of hig... Read More »

What happens if you eat to much protein?

Nothing should happen, but if you eat a balanced diet you shouldn't even need to take themDune

What happens if I eat too much protein?

I don't think eating 3 Greek yogurts a day will hurt you physically, but there are many problems that can be caused by ingesting too much protein such as kidney problems, low calcium, certain types... Read More »

What happens if you eat too much sodium?

Your kidneys must work pretty hard to get rid of the excess. You could get swollen feet or hands due to the salt. If you have had too much, increase your water or other liquid intake. It will hel... Read More »