What happens with bad personal checks?

Answer You write a check and give it to the cashier, but discover that evening that you don't have enough money in the account to cover the cost. While this one mistake doesn't constitute a crime, it coul... Read More »

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How many checks are in a box of personal checks?

The number of checks in a box depends on what type of checks you get. For example, in a box of single checks and single tear checks, there are 125 per box. In a box of duplicates and duplicate tear... Read More »

What do the codes on personal checks mean?

Curiosity about the codes on checks may come to a new checking account owner or even to a seasoned check writer. The important numbers appear on every check, but their meaning often goes unnoticed ... Read More »

What do the codes on my personal checks mean?

Personal checks provide an alternative to cash and credit cards that are easy to keep track of. There are three numerical codes on every personal check that each have a specific purpose. These are ... Read More »

What information needs to be pre-printed on personal checks?

Banking information must be preprinted on personal checks. This includes the bank's routing number and a bank account number. A check number is also required. Personal information such as name, add... Read More »