What happens with Financial Aid if you withdraw from a class?

Answer It's not so much the financial aid going forward that you need to worry about - it's the financial aid that you already received.If you received Pell or other grant funding, you will be required to... Read More »

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How to Withdraw From an Online Class at Longwood?

According to Longwood University's Registrar office, the institution has strongly emphasized moving from paper systems to an online information system for class registration, including registering ... Read More »

How to Withdraw From a California College Class?

It is not always possible to fulfill the demands of every college class. Other obligations, such as work or a heavy course load, may prevent you from succeeding in a specific class. Other reasons s... Read More »

How long does it take to get back on your parents insurance if you withdraw from class?

Answer I think you worded your question wrong. Do you mean, how long can you remain on your parents coverage if you are no longer a full time student?For more information visithttp://www.steveshor... Read More »

What happens when you drop a class (financial aid)?

You're right on the money, with your assumption that withdrawing from a grant-paid class will create a financial obligation to repay.I'm going to assume that your grant is a Pell grant, and that yo... Read More »