What happens when your iPod earphones are broken?

Answer depends on the loudness if you are playing the music really hard then they are

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How to Fix Broken iPod Earphones?

You cannot use your iPod without the earphones. Unfortunately the earphones can be damaged many ways. They can get caught in a door, chewed up by pets, or tangled up and ripped. You could pay for a... Read More »

What happens when earphones get wet?

they are used so other people can't hear what you are listening to, only you can

What happens to your music when you get a new ipod?

If your getting a new iPod, your music will be saved in you iTunes library. My songs didn't go away when I got my new iPod. Hope this helps! :3

What happens when you jailbreak your ipod touch?

This is what you can get if you jailbreak it:#1 InstallousDownload almost any App Store application for free straight onto your Ipod Touch and be able to sync them to Itunes just like if you used t... Read More »