What happens when your car starts smoking and catches on fire?

Answer This would be covered by the Comprehensive part of your policy. It usually requires the same deductible as collision coverage, but may be a different amount. Expect the insurance adjustor to be rat... Read More »

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Can a gas can explode if the tip catches fire?

According to the Home Safety Council, a tiny spark around gas vapors can make the gas can explode. Therefore, a fire on the tip of the gas can cause the gas can to explode if the gas vapors are ins... Read More »

How to React when Your Oven Catches on Fire?

Ovens are a great way to cook food, but they can also be a hazard.

What do you do when your boyfriend starts smoking?

It is really really hard to quit smoking. My dad smokes and has tried to quit so many times. But if he has cancer and yo love him this much, the you gotta put aside the cigarettes and get down to t... Read More »

What is the difference between a website that starts with “http://” and one that starts with “https://”?

Https: is a secure, encrypted connection. This is what you need to look for whenever you shop on line to be sure that your connection (and information) is safe.If you go to a website that starts ... Read More »