What happens when your bank account is overdrawn?

Answer When your bank account is overdrawn, it means you have a negative balance in the account. It's a good idea to make a deposit as soon as possible to cover the negative balance. Your bank could charg... Read More »

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If you have been overdrawn in your bank account, how have you dealt with being overdrawn before?

Well, my thoughts are that if you are going to have to pay the bank that $25.00 or $30.00 (or whatever it is now) for an over draft charge then you may as well make it worth your while. Better tha... Read More »

Will a bank close your account if it is overdrawn?

If you overdraw your bank account just once, you will need to deposit the amount by which it is overdrawn. Your bank account won't be closed. However, over time, if you continue a pattern of overdr... Read More »

How long can a Bank of America account be overdrawn?

Overdraft protection prevents you from bouncing a check when you do not have enough funds in your bank account to cover a transaction. The account cannot stay overdrawn for more the five days in a ... Read More »

What is the impact of an overdrawn bank account on your credit?

An overdrawn bank account does not usually affect your credit but in some cases it can. Your credit score is not affected by an overdrawn account but if your bank account frequently has a negative... Read More »