What happens when you write a bad check?

Answer The writer of a bad check may find that the resulting financial and emotional repercussions, including pricey penalties, canceled accounts and credit problems, outweigh the short-term gain."Bounced... Read More »

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What happens when a company writes a bad check?

Similar to writing a bad personal check, writing a bad business check has the same repercussions and more. Always keep detailed records of checks and available cash in your bank account.ReputationW... Read More »

What Happens When a Bank Customer Bounces a Check?

A "bounced" check occurs when you write a check amount that is more than the available balance in your checking or savings account. You might bounce a check by accident if you do not monitor your d... Read More »

What happens when a check you have cashed bounces?

If you've deposited a customer's bad check into your account, the results can become uncomfortable for both parties. The options available to secure payment may come as a surprise.TypesChecks can b... Read More »

What happens when 150 psi water pressure hitting a check valve with 50 psi of air pressure?

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