What happens when you water plants with salt water?

Answer They don't die because they don't even grow.

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What happens when you mix food coloring in fresh water and salt water and mix them together?

What happens when fresh water and salt water mix?

Salt-water and fresh-water are not different immiscible substances. Salt water is simply water with dissolved ions in it, which, when compared relatively to a body of fresh water, is denser. Howeve... Read More »

When backwashing a salt water pool will the water kill plants and flowers?

Answer Ok, the answer is yes, depending on what plants you are talking about, if you are talking about epsom salts that is a good thing for some plants. Also magnesium, and try to direct your pool ... Read More »

Which is better for plants-plain water sugar water or salt water?

Answer: There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to know the plant, know what type o... Read More »