What happens when you walk away from a mortgage?

Answer While simply walking away from a mortgage you can no longer afford to pay may seem to be an easy solution to the problem, doing so can have lasting effects.MortgageWhen you sign a mortgage you not ... Read More »

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How to Walk Away From Your Home & Mortgage?

According to MarketWatch and 24/7WallSt., as of April 2010, more than 11.3 million homeowners had underwater mortgages, meaning the value of the house was less than what the owner owed on the mortg... Read More »

Can i qualify for a mortgage before i sell my home&satisfy the existing mortgage?

On One Hand: The Hard WayIf your credit history and financial situation are good enough, you can qualify for a mortgage on a second property. This will work just as if you were buying a second home... Read More »

Who Do You Talk With to Get an Interest-Only Mortgage Changed to a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Interest-only mortgages are considered to be one of the riskiest types of home loans on the market. If you have an interest-only loan, you can take the necessary steps to convert it into a fixed ra... Read More »

Does Saxon Mortgage have a grace period for mortgage payments?

According to Saxon's website, the mortgage lender does have a grace period for mortgage payments. If a borrower goes past his grace period, Saxon assesses a late fee. The company offers online paym... Read More »