What happens when you type "2204355" on Google and press, I'm Feeling Lucky?

Answer try it yourself?

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Type in 2204355 in google then hit Im Feeling Lucky?

Type in "google chuck norris" then hit im feeling lucky!!! LMAO Funny!~Rachel

What happens if you press the "i'm feeling lucky" button on google?

it takes you straight to the first page about whhat you have searched

What happens if i type "who is the cutest" in google im feeling lucky?

I thought it would probably something related to cute baby animals.But it's actually even more boring than that!

Go to and type "failure" then search as "i'm feeling lucky"?

Someone at Google has a good sense of humour, try this:Go to google, then click maps, then click get directions......type in New York to Paris France and look at direction # 21.