What happens when you try tgo activate a lost or stolen phone?

Answer because touchscreens are in high demand and wanted more then ragular phones.

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Can you activate a lost or stolen cellular south phone?

Well, for the IPAD, yes it's called the glee fanpad android usually has apple apps and moreso probably

Lost or stolen Cell phone?

You need to specify what kind of phone it is. With iPhone, you can go to to find the location of your iPod, if it is an Android, then I would look it up in Google. There IS an app out th... Read More »

How do you check if a phone has been reported lost or stolen on AT&T?

You'd ask the seller to provide you with an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) once getting that you'd call AT&T and explain to them that you are buying a phone from someone and you just wanted to make... Read More »

How to track stolen/lost Android phone?

Plan B is the only way to track a lost phone if it was already lost/stolenif it won't work, report it lost/stolen and move on, its gone.