What happens when you swallow a quarter?

Answer you will poop it out, however with the size of the quarter it may end up blocking something so you may want to call a doctor and ask them

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How to Swallow Gum?

Chewing gum and it lost its flavor? And you have no place to put it? Fear Not this article will tell you how to swallow gum.

Help!! I can't swallow pills and I'm 16!!!?

The idea here is to toss a pill into your mouth, and then take a gulp of water, hoping that your throat won't close up while you are swallowing the water.Yeah. I don't get it right every time and ... Read More »

Can you swallow pills?

I can't swallow them either, which is a nuisance given that I have to take 4 a day. I find I take just the right amount of water, swish it round so that I can't feel the tablet any more, and swall... Read More »

Is it possible to swallow your toung?

once i read your Question i was trying to do it and i could not so no good idea when im bord i can do this thanks lol :p