What happens when you supply too much voltage to an amp exactly?

Answer Most likely you have killed the preamp's power-supply. Modern preamps or other electronics use what they call a switch-mode power supply, and can run on any voltage, anywhere in the world, with no... Read More »

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What is the permissible voltage drop in a 120 volt power supply?

How to Add Variable Voltage to Your ATX Based Bench Power Supply?

Same CircuitIf you've built a bench power supply using an old ATX computer power supply, you may feel limited by the choice of voltages + 3.3V, + 5V, and +/- 12V DC. Suppose you're breadboarding a ... Read More »

How much voltage does the yellow wire of a PC power supply provide to the PC components?

All yellow cables on personal computer's power supply provide +12V of electricity. The positive sign (+) means that there is a 12V increase in potential across the circuit. This voltage is used to ... Read More »

What is the voltage for the proprietary signal on a Dell laptop's power supply?

Dell laptop computers require a 100 to 240V input with a 19V 90W output. This is true of all laptops from the Latitude, Inspiron, Latitude LX and the Latitude C series. This voltage is also commo... Read More »