What happens when you supply too much voltage to an amp exactly?

Answer Most likely you have killed the preamp's power-supply. Modern preamps or other electronics use what they call a switch-mode power supply, and can run on any voltage, anywhere in the world, with no... Read More »

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What exactly makes digital clocks speed up when the power supply is weak?

There was probably an instability in the wiring due to he previous box. This instability could cause the oscillator inside the clock to malfunction thus changing the speed of the clock, in your cas... Read More »

How much voltage does the yellow wire of a PC power supply provide to the PC components?

All yellow cables on personal computer's power supply provide +12V of electricity. The positive sign (+) means that there is a 12V increase in potential across the circuit. This voltage is used to ... Read More »

What exactly happens when you cut someones' throat?

Okay, number 1, if you do NOT plan on doing this to someone, I will tell u what happens.When u cut a throat[eww], the neck is detached from the body severing the ciruclatory system which controls b... Read More »

What exactly happens when you drink salt water?

Excessive salt intake destroys the kidneys, as the human kidney is not designed, to handle that large a load of salt. So, that signals thirst, which makes you want to drink more seawater, continuin... Read More »