What happens when you stop using birth control?

Answer Oral contraceptives are a form of birth control used by many women. Stopping the use of this kind of birth control has several different results.PregnancyWomen who wish to become pregnant can simp... Read More »

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When should I stop birth control?

Whether you are ready to have children or going through menopause, knowing when to stop birth control is important. Depending on the method of birth control, the time it takes to conceive may vary.... Read More »

Can birth control stop a pregnancy?

On One Hand: Birth-Control Pill Prevents PregnancyThe birth-control pill prevents ovulation so that a woman cannot get pregnant. If the woman forgets or skips taking the birth-control pill, she can... Read More »

Can your period stop from anorexia while on birth control?

On One Hand: Anorexia Can Stop Your PeriodWomen and girls who are anorexic often stop getting menstrual periods---a condition called amenorrhea---because with severe weight loss, reproductive hormo... Read More »

What happens when you stop taking birth control for a month?

The birth control pill only provides effective contraception when used properly. Stopping the birth control pills opens up the woman to becoming pregnant. Within two weeks of stopping the birth con... Read More »