What happens when you stop paying on credit cards?

Answer Since credit cards do not require collateral to receive a line of credit, it may seem reasonable that you can simply stop paying the debt if it gets unmanageable. Unfortunately, credit card compani... Read More »

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How to Teach Kids What Happens When They Let Credit Cards Go?

According to MSN Money, one out of every 20 households carries $8,000 or more of credit card debt. Many parents are eager to teach children about the risks of letting credit cards go. Out-of-contro... Read More »

What happens if i stop paying my mortgage?

The overwhelming majority of Americans purchase their homes with the help of some form of lending institution. An agreement is then made stipulating when payments are due as well as amounts. Failur... Read More »

When do i stop using credit cards if filing bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Stop at Least 40 Days Prior to FilingUnder U.S. bankruptcy laws, any questionable purchases or charges that you have made within 40 days of filing your petition for bankruptcy (or cash... Read More »

Problems Paying Credit Cards?

Before incurring credit card debt, assess your situation and determine if any sudden reversals could make it difficult to make the payments. Falling behind with credit card companies will greatly d... Read More »