What happens when you stabilize someone's head and ems comes?

Answer We may ask you to. It depends on the situation. I work for a small service, alot of the time it is just 2 of us responding. So if you are holding c-spine correctly and don't seem to be traumatized ... Read More »

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What exactly happens when you cut someones' throat?

Okay, number 1, if you do NOT plan on doing this to someone, I will tell u what happens.When u cut a throat[eww], the neck is detached from the body severing the ciruclatory system which controls b... Read More »

What happens to someones facebook account when they die?

I imagine their status updates wouldn't be quite as frequent.

Why are the remotes for Sky Box not changing channels when the remote light comes on when buttons are pushed but nothing else happens?

Reason Remote Does Not Work Sounds like the microprocessor has locked up. Try unplugging the receiver for about five minutes and then plugging it in again. After the reboot process, it may work.

What happens when you bite a head phone?

mobile phone is more harmful bcoz the waves that comes from it can cause heart diseases,memory loss,sleep disorders etc.