What happens when an atom splits?

Answer Nuclear fission occurs if an atom splits. Fission produces gamma rays, which power plants use as energy. Fission is also used to create nuclear bombs. The splitting of atoms usually occurs in a con... Read More »

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What happens when an atom releases nuclear particles&energy?

A radioactive atom is unstable, and it will break apart, releasing nuclear particles and energy. Isotopes having a higher proton-to-neutron ratio tend to be most unstable due to the repulsive force... Read More »

What happens when there is no split in the brain hemispheres?

Who first split the atom and won the Nobel Prize?

John Cockcroft and Ernest Watson were the first to artificially split the atom on April 14, 1932, but they did not receive the Nobel Prize in Physics for their accomplishment until 1951. Ernest Rut... Read More »

What happens to a split toenail?

I dropped an 8 pound frozen porkloin on my big toe and after a few weeks the nail came off I never went to the doctor but if it gets infected I would head to the doctor