What happens when you put saltwater on plants?

Answer In Holland, when the wind and the waves periodically eroded the protective dikes, myriads of plants died. Applying even a smaller quantity of saltwater to your garden will harm your plants.OsmosisW... Read More »

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What happens when plants get no water?

What Happens to the Plants When Car Oil Gets in Their Soil?

Car oil disposed of improperly has a detrimental effect on the environment and plant growth. When soil is contaminated by oil, the minerals and nutrients are broken down. This inhibits seed germina... Read More »

What Happens to Plants When the Soil Becomes Compacted?

Soil provides your plants not only with a place to live, but with the air, food and water they need to survive. Soil is not a static material. Gardeners change soil by their activities, sometimes m... Read More »

What happens to plants when you don't care after them?

Depending on where they are planted, they either continue to live on the nutrients available or die from lack of nutrients.