What happens when you put hand-sanitizer in a cut?

Answer Besides stinging, it will clean out the "good" and "bad" germs/bacteria out of it. It's probably not safe to use hand-sanitizer for your cut. It's best to use rubbing/cleansing alcohol, the cut w... Read More »

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Why does hand sanitizer sting when you put it on a cut?

Hand sanitizer has several chemicals in it including alcohol. That is why it stung the open cut on your hand.

What Chemicals are in Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are used to kill germs and avoid preventable illnesses such as colds, the flu and gastrointestinal bugs. Some hand sanitizers use alcohol as their active ingredient to do their work... Read More »

What are the Effects of Hand Sanitizer on Bacteria?

Hand sanitizers containing at least 60 percent ethyl alcohol kill many bacteria that cause gastrointestinal and respiratory illness. When you are unable to wash your hands using soap and warm water... Read More »

How to Use Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an extremely sanitary way to clean one's hands. Also, at times washing one's hands too often can dry skin. Hand sanitizer will help reduce skin dryness. A combination of hand sani... Read More »