What happens when you mix water and vegetable oil?

Answer When you mix vegetable oil and water the vegetable oil will sit at the top of the cup in till stirred.

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Is it OK to water vegetable plants with water that has been treated by a water softener?

No, you should not water vegetables or other plants with softened water. Softened water has been treated to remove minerals and has high sodium content. Sodium will hurt your plants and may also da... Read More »

Can you use PVC to help water your organic vegetable garden?

If you mean to ask if running water through PVC pipe to your garden is harmful, the answer is no.

How often should I water my flower& vegetable garden?

Water vegetable and flower gardens to a depth of 6 to 8 inches at least once per week, but check soil for dryness daily. Soil should be damp but not waterlogged an inch or two beneath the surface. ... Read More »

How to Use Reclaimed Water in Vegetable Gardens?

Vegetable gardens provide a plentiful bounty of fresh ripe produce throughout spring and summer months. Most vegetables require even moisture levels to grow and produce properly, but constant water... Read More »