What happens when you mix the lime and tha coconut?

Answer you drink it all up!!

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What did audience contestants wear on the ele n show during the game bee lime in the coconut?

How to Make Coconut Lime Balls?

Coconut lime balls are delectable and more-ish. They can be served as treats at a dinner party or given as gifts.Note: This recipe requires the use of a microwave.

How to Make Lime Coconut Cake?

Tangy lime and smooth of these perfect desserts can be made right in your own home. Treat yourself to this lime coconut cake anytime with the following recipe.

How to Make Lime, Coconut and Almond Cake?

This is a twist on Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger's recipe; his uses macadamia nuts, this one opts for the more affordable almond and is still delicious.