What happens when you leave your child unattended in home for little while?

Answer If the car does not have air bags, then a child can sit in the front at any age, but must us a booster seat until they weigh at least 80lbs. If your car has passenger side air bags, then it not rec... Read More »

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Are crock pots safe to leave unattended?

It's safe to leave an operating crock pot unattended as long as you operate it under proper safety instructions, like placing it on a flat, stable surface. Being able to leave while it cooks is a m... Read More »

What age can a child be left unattended in a bathtub?

A child can be left along for just a few minutes when 2.5 years old. Ask the child to sing so you'll be able to hear that he or she is okay. Keep checking in, and be sure they know that they shou... Read More »

What is an appropriate age to leave a child home alone in NJ?

Can you leave your child alone at home?

not if youre kids are under 12 i think it is, if they arnt the policewill take you down sister from another mister.