Am I still going through puberty....?

Answer Sounds like you could be a late bloomer, I was. and actually had all of the same things you had mentioned at 20. I still have no chest or back hair and still have a hard time putting on any weight.... Read More »

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Have i hit puberty yet?

You are in puberty stage bro!In a year u will **** white sperms! And ur voice will get deeper!!

Is it just puberty ?

Yeah it's puberty. Put on some deodorant every morning. As for the hands thing; I'm not really sure; I'm a teen as well and just last year my palms just were always's weird. I guess som... Read More »

How to Tell if You Have Hit Puberty (Boys)?

If you are a boy, then you might wonder when you've hit puberty. There are some ways given below to tell.

What goes on in male puberty?

Puberty in boys can begin as early as age nine but usually starts between the ages of 11 and 14. The attendant changes affect all parts of the body.VoiceA boy's voice box expands during puberty, ca... Read More »