What happens when you go vegetarian and go back for meat do you feel bad?

Answer Yes, if I went back to eating meat, I would probably feel bad. I avoid this problem, by not eating meat.

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I just ate meat and i'm a vegetarian and i feel so bad and i'm hurting what can i do?

just dont let it happen again. buil up your will power. you can do it. im sorry you ate meat!

Vegetarians: How do you feel about touching meat for your non-vegetarian children?

My husband is an omnivore too, but I don't want uncooked meat in my kitchen, so if he wants meat he orders take-out.There are many vegetarian foods that omnivores enjoy-Veggie Lasagnahttp://allreci... Read More »

Any idea why this meat eater would feel the need to call themselves a vegetarian?

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How do I get a vegetarian to get back to eating meat?

Why? If they are happy being a veggie, then why is it up to you to make that person eat meat? Do they go around asking people how to make you become a vegan? I think it is a shame that you can't... Read More »