What happens when you go to court for a traffic violation in new hampshire?

Answer Do you have a court date for a traffic violation in New Hampshire? Most drivers, if not all, have been there. There is no need to worry about being requested in court, because answering a traffic ... Read More »

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What Happens in Traffic Court?

Whether you blew a red light, missed that stop sign or got into an accident, you may find yourself the owner of a newly issued traffic ticket. You can pay it, go to traffic school, if offered, or f... Read More »

What happens when a court date on speeding ticket doesn't match the actual court date?

Traffic tickets sometimes have incorrect information on them. Some errors--e.g., those pertaining to dates and spelling--are considered clerical errors and not, according to Dynamic Legal Solutions... Read More »

What is a non scheduled traffic violation?

A non-scheduled traffic violation is a violation that does not have a set fine amount; instead, the fine is determined by a judge. Because of this, non-scheduled traffic violations require a court... Read More »

What is a misdemeanor traffic violation?

Most traffic violations are called infractions and do not cause the driver to have a criminal record. When a driver commits actions that cause real or potential injury or death to others or causes ... Read More »