What happens when you get hit by someone without insurance?

Answer I think,They get a fine or legal action. And you would still be o.k as they shouldn't of been driving in the first place

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What happens if someone hits your car with no insurance but you got no fault insurance?

What happens if someone lies about you abusing drugs in the military... Does an investigation get started... What happens when they investigate?

If you're not using drugs, the investigation will find that out. Why are you worried?

What happens if you hit a car&run without insurance?

Motor vehicle laws in the United States vary from state to state, but some principles are the same everywhere. Leaving the scene will add to the problems you have when you are involved in any sort ... Read More »

What happens if I drive without insurance?

On One Hand: Heavy FinesDriving without insurance carries a heavy fine in most states. For example, the fine in South Carolina is up to $550. A motorist who is insured but is driving without proof ... Read More »