What happens when you get arrested for DUI in Utah?

Answer An arrest for DUI in Utah can be an embarrassing experience. It can also be frightening and uncertain. A DUI charge is a criminal allegation, and the consequences can be life-altering.Utah Implied ... Read More »

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If you got arrested for underage drinking and the charges got dropped before you even went to court does the record that you have been arrested stay?

Yes. You may be able to petition the court to have the arrest record sealed or expunged.

Can a parent be arrested for disciplininga child for innapropiate sexual activity the father whipped the boys and the mother had him arrested?

How far is it from Plymouth, Utah, to Saint George, Utah?

It is approximately 390 miles from Plymouth, Utah, to Saint George, Utah. Under normal traffic conditions, the drive would last around six hours without stops. The main route for the trip is Inters... Read More »

How to Act After Getting Arrested?

If you've just been arrested but you don't know the procedure with how to act after you've been nicked, then this article could help you a bit and hopefully keep you out of prison. (This covers UK ... Read More »