What happens when you foreclose on a house in Texas?

Answer Texas is a state where lenders can exercise a non-judicial foreclosure, meaning that they do not need court approval. The foreclosure process in Texas is also one of the shortest in the nation and ... Read More »

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What happens when I foreclose on my house?

After mortgage payments are approximately six months behind, a person may be forced to foreclose on his home. Paperwork must be filed properly, and then there is a brief waiting period before the o... Read More »

Can Your Two Mortgages Foreclose on Your House?

A foreclosure occurs when a lender goes to court and files a foreclosure motion to have your home sold as a means of repaying an unpaid debt on your property. If you have multiple liens on your hom... Read More »

Can a second mortgage company foreclose on a house?

The second mortgage company does have the legal right to foreclose but the question is whether or not it is really in their best interest to do so. They would need to be able to pay off the first m... Read More »

Can a Home Owners Association foreclose your home in Texas?

Yes. Read your governing documents to understand when and why the association might be forced to take this final step.