What happens when you fail a class that financial aid paid for?

Answer most financial aid programs require you to get a C or better grade. if you fail, you need to repay the loan back starting in 6 months. thats only the money for that class that you failed. you can s... Read More »

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What happens if I fail a course paid for with Financial Aid?

Each school has its own Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. Your financial aid office will be able to tell you for sure whether or not your failing grade will affect your F.A. At our community... Read More »

How to Pass or Fail a Class?

Pay attention and listen attentively to Pass!We all have choices in life. One of our choices is whether we want to do well in school, and have a chance for a successful career or if we want to play... Read More »

What happens if you fail a class with the gi bill?

On One Hand: Retake the ClassIf you fail a class, the GI bill will pay for you to retake a failed class only if the grade is considered "unacceptable" by the standards of your enrolled program.On t... Read More »

If you fail a class do you keep your fafsa check?

The first time you fail you can.but then you will be placed on academic probationand will have to pass atleast 2/3 of your classes.And if you fail the second will be required to pay a port... Read More »