What happens when you drop a class (financial aid)?

Answer You're right on the money, with your assumption that withdrawing from a grant-paid class will create a financial obligation to repay.I'm going to assume that your grant is a Pell grant, and that yo... Read More »

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What if i drop out of college early what happens to my financial aid money?

Terese:What happens to the money depends on what type of financial aid you are receiving are when and how you drop out. Let's take a look.Probably the most important determinant is WHEN. If you go ... Read More »

How to Drop a College Class?

To successfully complete a college course, you must fulfill all of the professor's curriculum requirements and receive a passing grade. If you are not doing well in a class or cannot complete it fo... Read More »

Do you have to pay back finacial aid if you drop a class?

If you recieved a grant.. then it really depends on how many classes you are taking. Your school will have a criteria.. that if your taking x amount of hours.. then you have to be passing at least... Read More »

What happens with Financial Aid if you withdraw from a class?

It's not so much the financial aid going forward that you need to worry about - it's the financial aid that you already received.If you received Pell or other grant funding, you will be required to... Read More »