What happens when you drink?

Answer It depends your body mass. Some people get drunk after one drink, while some people will take 10 drinks to get drunk. It all depends on the ratio of drinks to body mass. But drinking is terrible. B... Read More »

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What happens when I drink the Windex!?

You would have a squeaky-clean, no-streak digestive tract.

What happens when i drink warm soda?

Your taste buds will revolt from the gruesome acidity of the soda and your tongue will learn to betray you. It might not taste foods properly for years to come. This is before the moon falls to the... Read More »

What exactly happens when you drink salt water?

Excessive salt intake destroys the kidneys, as the human kidney is not designed, to handle that large a load of salt. So, that signals thirst, which makes you want to drink more seawater, continuin... Read More »

What happens when a drink 'goes down the wrong way'?

When that happens, the flap that briefly closes the trachea ("windpipe") didn't quite make the closure happen in time. Since the trachea is in front of the esophagus, the liquid literally went dow... Read More »