What happens when you don't wear your seat belt?

Answer The consequences for not wearing a seat belt can range from receiving a ticket, to injury and even death. There can be financial consequences, too.TicketA driver or occupant not wearing a seat belt... Read More »

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Do you have to wear your seat belt in the back seat?

It is a legal requirement in most (if not all) countries that a person seated in the back-seat of a car or other vehicle wears a seatbelt at all times. This is to insure maximum safety for the occu... Read More »

Do you wear your seat belt?

Your statistics are all correct. The chances of surviving in an accident increase dramatically if you are wearing a seat belt. How about this. You go off a bridge and drop 75 and hit nose first int... Read More »

Do you really find it necessary to wear a seat belt?

I think wearing seat belts all the time is a crock...I am the only driver of my own car and I don't demand that my passengers wear them.If I ride around in a different car, I don't usually wear the... Read More »

Why do i have to wear a seat belt when driving my car. who am i hurting other than my self?

Because when you go through the windscreen and are in a wheelchair for the rest of your life you will need health care paid for by others.Your actions (in not wearing a safety belt) do not just aff... Read More »