What happens when you dont water a plant enough?

Answer It starts to wither up and leaves start to drop like it's begging for water.

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What happens if you dont water plants and the soil dries up?

Why would the hot water valve suddenly shut off the flow of water When you close it and open it again it is fine This happens mostly when the dishwasher calls for water?

Answer could be a lack of pressure, or a lime blockage in the seat of the valve, turn water off to valve, remove the stem, turn water on then back off, this might clear any blockage,

What happens if I feed a plant coffee instead of water?

your plant will mutate into a flesh eating carnvoure. If you have small pets or children i would not let them near the new mutant plant. The plant will become smarter each day and in the end tak... Read More »

What happens when they dont prove child abuse?

The child is sometimes called a 'liar' or an 'attention seeking child'. This may happenis common in verbal/emotional abuse situations when the child feels something is wrong but over-reacts to the ... Read More »