What happens when you don't support an infant's head?

Answer Their head snaps off. Not literally. But most likely their neck will break because they're neck doesnt have enough muscles to support the weight of their head

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Do they make wireless head phones that will allow me to listen to things on my ipod iphone laptop and tv I would like to find this in an ear bud so I dont have a big apparatus on my head Thanks?

What are the treatments for head lice in infants?

Head lice are parasites that live on the scalp, where they hide in hair, lay eggs and feed on blood. We think of lice as something kids bring home from school, but babies can get lice too. Often, t... Read More »

What could a golf ball size hard knot be on the back of your infants head be?

Unless the baby was dropped and has a serious goosegg then it's more then likely a birthmark. I've seen many new babies with this. Everyone always looks at them like they dropped there baby but tha... Read More »

Do i have to pay child support if i dont have a child support order?

Legally, no. You must decide whether you are morally obligated to pay support. If you decide to do so, make all the payments by check and memo them, "child support." Note: If you decide to pay chi... Read More »